Human Rights Essay Topics

Human rights are now often talked about on TV, social media, and literature. Basically, human rights are freedoms and a set of rights that every human in the world is entitled to, no matter what their race or gender is. It is a broad topic and human rights violations cover a wide variety of areas from prohibiting certain classes or genders from having access to education to the trafficking of humans and engagement in the modern slave trade to prisoner torture, genocide and more. Of course, these events and phenomena might be too sensitive to write about, so be sure to choose the one that you are passionate about.

In general, the process of writing a human rights essay is not very different from writing other types of essays. The first thing that you should do is to pick the right topic and do your research on whether you are able to find enough information to prove your thesis statement. You can come up with a thesis statement at this step or, if you face difficulties, put it aside until you have the major part of your essay ready.

Possible Research Directions

If you are working on an essay that covers human rights topics and you don’t know what you can write about, here are a few possible directions of research that you can conduct:

  • Gender discrimination, including wage gap, work priorities, etc.
  • Homo and transphobia – Prejudice against homo and transsexuals has led them to be persecuted, denied employment and attacked physically and verbally.
  • Human trafficking – Millions of adults and children are trafficked every year to be sold into forced labor or sexual slavery.
  • Immigration rights – Undocumented workers are subject to exploitation and immigrants can have difficulty finding housing or receiving health care.
  • The right to education – In some countries, women are not allowed to go to school or learn to read and write.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace – Still a pervasive problem that robs the victim of their dignity and safety.
  • Child labor – Though child labor is banned in many countries, there are still millions of child laborers.
  • Disability rights – Persons with physical and mental disabilities have only recently gained the rights to equal employment opportunities as well as the right to facilitated access to buildings, parks and other locations.
  • Police brutality – Police brutality is a hot human rights topic as many countries have problems with police abusing suspects and overstepping the limits of appropriate arrest and questioning tactics.
  • Religious freedom – Some countries ban religious worship of religions outside the dominant faith.
  • Physical disciplining of children – Should parents be allowed to discipline their children? What’s the line between a spanking and child abuse or are they one and the same?

Great Human Rights Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The violation of children’s rights and child labor abuse on fabrics in Taiwan and Malaysia.
  2. Can homophobia be stopped?
  3. How are human rights represented through Renaissance art?
  4. The problem of the wage gap in America.
  5. Child trafficking problem in Mexico and Latin America.
  6. Is police brutality a thing nowadays?
  7. Should prisoners have a right to vote?
  8. Compare and contrast various human rights movements.
  9. Does the porn industry violate human rights?
  10. Is the wage gap a myth or a real fact in Eastern Europe?
  11. Should everyone have a right to get a pet?
  12. How did wars in North America violate human rights?
  13. Does social media now violate human rights?
  14. The problem with euthanasia and human rights
  15. Modern view on the first feminism movement wave.
  16. What can we do to stop sexual harassment?

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